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A Natural Treatment for Endometriosis

A Western bio-medical point of view or what your doctor would tell you, is that endometriosis is a condition where cells that should be in the uterus have wondered outside of the uterus. They still act the same way they did when they were still in the uterus. They bleed or slough off every month when the woman has her period but there is no place for the blood to go. This is painful and this is why the main symptom of endometriosis is severely painful periods. It hurts just like it hurts when you bleed from an injury.

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Interestingly, there is no correlation between the severity of the pain and the extent of the endometriosis. In fact, some women with severe endometriosis experience no symptoms at all while other women with only slight endometriosis can have severe pain.

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There are no tests your doctor can do to determine if you have endometriosis. They will not be able to see or feel anything during your yearly gynecological exam. The only way for your doctor to know for sure that you have endometriosis is to go in and look around. They will do a laparoscopy, the type of surgery that is done through small holes in the lower abdomen. When they are in there they can burn it off. \

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Endometriosis is on the rise. It is also a major cause of infertility. 30-70% of women investigated for infertility are found to have endometriosis in varying degrees of severity. However, as it also occurs in cases where women did not have fertility problems, this association does not necessarily prove there is a causal link between endometriosis and infertility.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Fertility Herbs and Endometriosis

Traditional Chinese Medicine has another explanation for these very painful period women have when they are diagnosed with endometriosis and offer a much less toxic form of treatment that does not have these horrible side effects and doesn’t involve surgery. Best of all this natural treatment for endometriosis is very effective at stopping the pain and even break up the adhesions caused from endometriosis.

Traditional Chinese Medical theory views endometriosis as a problem of “blood stagnation”. When the blood stagnates it will cause problems where ever it is sitting for too long. We often need to use herbs to move blood. If there is a lot of scaring or adhesions Chinese herbs that are known to break up masses will be given too.

You might wonder why the blood would stagnate. Often it happens because there is a deficiency of blood in the body. You can imagine it as a river that does not have enough water in it. It will form puddles rather flowing. These puddles are like the stagnating blood. Herbs that nourish blood are often added to Chinese herbal formula when treating blood stagnation problems.

 Only a practitioner of Chinese Medicine would know how to look for all the signs and symptoms that could be involved in this complex condition.

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Chinese formulas: Shi Xiao San, Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang, Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang, Nei Yi Wan

Case History: Prachi S. a 35 year old woman suffered from painful periods since she was 12 years old. She had 4 miscarriages and was diagnosed with endometriosis by her reproductive endocrinologist. He removed what he could see with surgery but she was still not conceiving and the painful periods returned after the surgery.

Her Traditional Chinese Medical intake revealed that in addition to the painful periods, she felt very cold in general. She had back pain, dizziness, ringing in her ears and even had night sweats once in a while. Her periods were scanty and bright red.

Prachi was given a formula that nourished the “Kidney Yin” and warmed and nourished the “kidney yang” along with herbs to move and nourish blood. This gave her more fluids in the body including blood and helped the circulation as the “Kidney Yang” will warm and move Qi (the energy of the body).

The formula contained the following Chinese herbs in exact amount for this patient. 
Dang gui
Bai shao
Shan yao
E jiao
Shan zhu yu
Ba ji tian
Zhi gan cao
Chi shao

Prachi reported that her periods were a little less painful after one month of taking the herbs. The second month she was over joyed that she could continue on with her daily life when before she was in bed from the pain. The 3rd month after taking the herbs her husband called to say that he had was so grateful to have his wife fully functioning and in no pain at all during her period. The next month she conceived a child and held it full term. This was her first pregnancy after trying for nearly 8 years.

Slight modifications in the formula where made each month as the treatment continued. She stopped taking the herbs when she became pregnant.

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