Chinese Fertility Herbs

Possible Ways to Get Pregnant at 42

Chinese Medicine and Herbs To Get Pregnant at age 40 and 42:

It can be harder to get pregnant at 42 and even 40 when they are ovulating every month and having regular periods. The quality of the egg diminishes with age as the blood recedes from the reproductive system. Women will miscarry very easily when the quality of the egg is not good or they may not conceive at all. Perhaps this is why the chances of conceiving naturally drops to about 5% at age 42. 

There are no drugs to improve the quality of the eggs for women trying to get pregnant at 42. Western Medicine often has nothing to offer women who would like to get pregnant at this stage in her life other than to use a younger woman's eggs implanted into her through in-vitro fertilization (IVF). 

Custom made Chinese herbal formulas are great option to consider before you make the difficult decision to use another woman's eggs. Every woman is different and out of balance in her own unique way. A woman trying to get pregnant at 42 needs to take the herbs that address her particular imbalance to get the results she is looking for. 

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